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(Are we) talkin’ ‘bout my generation?

By birth year, I am at the very tail end of the baby boom. But I am so close to that tip, that most of what defines baby boomers seems foreign to me. Woodstock doesn’t register. The Beatles are a band that had already split up. President Kennedy’s assassination? I was in a stroller. Selma? […]

What shuls can learn from shoes

I purchased a pair of boots from Zappos.com, the online retailer, but they just weren’t right. I wanted to return them, but I also wanted to check out another pair of boots. Complicating what could have been a straightforward exchange was that I had initially paid through Paypal, which charged my American Express card, and […]

Federation grants program grows

by Marla Cohen  The Jewish Federation of Rockland County will allocate nearly $100,000 in grants in the upcoming campaign year to a variety of organizations and synagogue programs. The money will support an array of community projects, varying in scope from a school startup, to home care for elderly Holocaust survivors, to synagogue outreach initiatives […]