Previously Published

A sampling of essays, news reporting and feature writing that appeared in the Rockland Jewish Reporter and the Rockland Jewish Standard, with some freelance writing thrown in. I was editor of the Reporter for nearly seven years and helped launch the Standard.


The Rockland Jewish Standard

These articles ran in the Rockland Jewish Standard between September 2012 and March of 2013. I was the first editor and helped launched the start up newspaper.
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The Rockland Jewish Reporter

The Reporter was published for more than 20 years by the Jewish Federation of Rockland County, which closed the monthly in July 2012. I served as editor for nearly seven years, one of the longest serving in that role of anyone who held it. These articles were published between October 2005 and July 2012.
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The Jewish Telegraphic Agency serves as a wire service for Jewish newspapers and magazines around the globe and offers news on its own website, as well. I freelanced this piece over the summer.
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